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Aims of the Project 

  Eurasia is a sphere for interaction, integration, and transformation of diverse cultures since ancient times. The creative and historical sphere continues to produce new cultures even now. The “Silk Road” in the past began to look for formation of near-future civilizations in tandem with the penetration of globalization. 


  Tokyo University of the Arts launched “Eurasian Cultural Exchange Center” (ECEC) project in 2015. Goals of the project include information collecting and practice of protection, conservation, replication or “cloning”, and management of cultural heritage in the entire region of Eurasia. The project further pursues to establish international networks that make significant contribution to the cultural developments of Eurasia. 


  In addition, ECEC positively responds to governmental projects for economic and cultural developments in the countries involved and request cooperation and support from the countries. ECEC serves as a center for promotion of interactive public collaboration and international cooperation befitting the 21st century. 


Yasushi Sano (Director); Professor, Music Education
Kosaku Maeda; Special Adviser, Art History
Kenji Tamai; Special Adviser, Journalism
Takashi Inoue; Professor, Documentary Producer
Kazuya Yamauchi; Professor, Archaeology
Shigeo Aoki; Professor, Conservation


Eurasian Cultural Exchange Center (ECEC)

Public Collaboration Center,

Tokyo University of the Arts

(This project was completed on March 31, 2022)

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